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Welcome to DocNet24, the platform that connects doctors with patients through secure telehealth video sessions. Join our network of experienced doctors and provide medical services to patients from the comfort of your own office. With DocNet24, you can expand your reach, save time, and offer convenient online consultations to your patients.
Key Features for Doctors

Manage appointments and payments with our secure platform

Easy Appointment Scheduling

Seamlessly manage your availability and appointments with our intuitive scheduling system.

Secure Payment Processing

Receive payments securely and conveniently through our integrated payment gateway.

Video Consultations

Conduct face-to-face consultations with patients via secure video calls, enhancing the doctor-patient relationship.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders sent to patients.

Multi-Platform Access

Accessibility from various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, ensuring flexibility for doctors.

Chat and Messaging

Secure messaging system for communication between patients and doctors, offering a means for non-urgent inquiries.

Multilingual Support

Support for multiple languages to accommodate a diverse patient population.

Expanded Reach

Reach patients beyond geographical boundaries, extending your practice’s reach and impact.

Professional Support

Access dedicated support and resources to maximize your telemedicine practice’s success.


Find answers to common questions doctors might have before signing up.

DocNet24 allows doctors to provide telehealth services through secure online video sessions. Patients can book and pay for appointments in Google Meet to receive medical consultations.

Yes, DocNet24 ensures secure and encrypted video sessions to protect patient privacy and confidentiality.

To sign up as a doctor on DocNet24, simply visit our website and click on the ‘Contact’ menu entry. Fill in your details and our team will review your application.

By joining DocNet24, doctors can expand their patient base, offer convenient online consultations, and have flexibility in managing their schedule.

DocNet24 offers flexible pricing plans for doctors. Please contact for detailed information on pricing.

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